About Us

Advancing Precision Genetic Therapies With the Potential to Restore, Improve, and Preserve Hearing

Listening is in our DNA.

Ακούω in Greek translates to Listen in English. At Akouos (ah KOO ohs), we strive to be a team that listens to one another, to healthcare providers, and to the deaf and hard of hearing (DHH) community. Our partnerships and collaborations are focused on common goals and predicated on respect, trust, and transparency.

Common Goal Partnerships

In partnering with the DHH community, we will use the principles outlined here as our guide.

"Hearing loss is one of the greatest challenges in medicine today, and with no FDA-approved pharmacologic therapies available, an area of severe unmet need."

Manny Simons, PhD | Founder and CEO of Akouos

We Are Akouos

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  • Michael McKenna

    Chief Surgical Officer & Co-Founder

  • Kathy Reape

    Chief Medical Officer

  • Emmanuel Simons

    CEO & Co-Founder

  • Aaron Tward

    Chief Scientific Officer

  • Jennifer Wellman

    Chief Development Officer

Join us in the pursuit of making healthy hearing available for all.

What’s at our core

We Work to Change Lives

Akouos listens: to each other, to the individuals and families we work to serve, to our collective conscience.
Akouos engages: honest, authentic, respectfully.
Akouos leads: authentically, boldly, bravely, with purpose and passion.
Akouos creates: high standards, opportunities to excel, better medicines.
Akouos trusts: ourselves, each other, our science.